Sneak Peek Into NASDAQ: ACWI

Information about the shares in a stock market is important for people who regularly invest and earn huge profits from it. There exist hundreds of shares and funds in one single market. The name of the fund is iShares MSCI ACWI ETF, with the date of inception as 26-03-2008 with a medium rate of risk. The fund assists in tracking the market equities of the underlying index. The advisory company shares, and the name of the custodian is State Street Bank & Trust Co. The main people who manage the company are Diane Hsiung, Greg Savage, Alan Mason, Amy Whitelaw and some other people as well.     

How is the asset allocated?

Out of a total of 11.25B, the asset allocation for NASDAQ: ACWI at is as follows:

  • 99.5103% is taken over by the stocks 
  • 0.00% is for the bonds
  • 0.4620% is for the cash
  • 0.0277% is occupied by others 

The overall asset in each fiscal quarter varies from each other. For this year 2020, Q2 and Q1 are 11.25B and 9.93B, respectively. For the year 2019, it was 11.24B, 10.71B and 10.08B for Q4, Q2 as well as Q1. 

Information about acwi

The high and low for today are $80.69 and $80.14 with no market capital. The volume of the share is 588295, and the daily volume for 50 consecutive days is 2705631. The current rate of yield is 1.96%, and the alpha is 5.6. Besides, the weighted alpha is +5.61, and the value of beta is 0.94. The rate of the bid and ask is not mentioned by the company. The share previously closed at $79.28, and the value of the annual dividend is $1.557, with the standard deviation at -0.52. The date of the paying dividend is 19 June 2020. The YTD yield is 0.99%, and the share opened at $80.14, and the total asset of the company is valued at 12.19B.

Holders of the fund

The majority weightage of all the sectors of NASDAQ: ACWI fund are mentioned below:

  • Basic materials cover 4.44%
  • Financial services cover 15.07%
  • Real estate covers 3.02%
  • Technology sector covers 18.95%
  • The industrial sector covers 9.41%
  • Healthcare is of 13.09%
  • CONSUMER_CYCLIC sector is around 10.90%
  • Utility sector covers 3.16%

The major ten holdings of the total assets are about 15.08%. 

The data which is compiled by the IHS Markit permits a detailed analysis of the fundamentals of demand and supply or even the forces which speculate the price. From demand, PMI helps in tracking the goods which have been purchased from the manufacturers and the orders of intermediate goods which have been ordered by other companies. The NASDAQ: ACWI has been growing from the past one and a half years in particular. 

So, this fund is good for investors who will provide them with a good return.  You can get more stock information from premarket data. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.